Sound Body Rehabilitation was established in 2001 by Michelle McPherson, the senior physical therapist at our clinic. Her primary vision was of exceptional and personalized care to all of her clients. She believed that everyone should be treated as an individual, and that therapy sessions should always be one-on-one. 

Another exciting principle for Michelle was the union of physical therapy and overall wellness. Establishing an office in an athletic club was a great way to motivate and inspire her clients to believe in a healthy future and aspire to do their best.

Michelle was the only provider for several years. It didn’t take long, however, for people to recognize that her clinic provided therapy in a manner that was different than the typical PT office. As she grew busier and busier, she slowly added other therapists to her clinic. Michelle did not take this task lightly, as every team member and every service provided is a reflection of her and her high standards of care. She has hand picked her staff, and each one of them brings something wonderful to our team.