At Sound Body Rehabilitation, we  believe in providing you with exceptional care.  Our individualized approach, our consistent care, and our one on one treatment sessions allow us to serve you well. We carefully design your therapy program and goals according to your body and your needs. Every session in our clinic is one-on-one with the licensed physical therapist, allowing us to be fully invested in your treatment.

We recognize the importance of overall wellness in your recovery. Our location inside an athletic club, Olympic Fitness Club, is a great way to inspire our clients to believe in a healthy future. Another advantage is that we have access to extensive equipment, large open spaces, and exposure to alternative forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates.

Our licensed physical therapists have a wealth of experience, extensive continuing education training, and most importantly, a love of what we do. We are excited that you are starting a journey towards a better you. Come and see us! Your body will thank you.